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JETPIK Introduces JP-200 Power Floss System

Jetpik JP-200Ideal for Children; Works with Braces; Clinically Proven to Remove Up to 99% of Plaque.

JETPIK, a pioneer in the development and manufacture of high quality, innovative oral healthcare products, today announced the launch of its new JP200 Power Floss System.  The JP200 combines a pressured water jet and pulsating dental floss to clean more deeply and quickly between teeth and below the gum line.  To demonstrate how effective the JP200 can be for children, who often neglect flossing, the company is also introducing “Susan,” a 12-year-old JETPIK user, on their website.

“Every parent can relate to the frustration of getting kids to take proper care of their teeth,” said Henry Hu, CEO of JETPIK.  “Now, finally, there’s a solution to this important, but unceasing battle.  JETPIK JP200 takes the hassle and discomfort out of flossing.  Kids like Susan might even find it fun.”

JETPIK feeds dental floss through a nozzle tip to create more friction force than is possible with a conventional water pressure irrigation system to scrub teeth and under gum lines. The floss follows the flow of powerful water-jets cleaning thoroughly around, between and behind braces and other dental work.  For Susan, JETPIK means having a fresh mouth and clean teeth despite having braces. JETPIK is also safe for use with implants, crowns, braces, bridges or periodontal pockets.

The first true advance in water jet irrigation in nearly 50 years, the JETPIK is a combine’s dental floss with water-Jet power plus Sonic toothbrush, one for water jet irrigation and flossing and a separate toothbrush attachment. The device is proven to be highly effective for oral health.  JETPIK has been shown to result in healthier gums and cleaner teeth in 7 days. It is clinically proven to remove up to 99% of plaque from treated areas.  Lab tests reveal that JETPIK is 240% more effective to remove plaque and biofilm than regular water jet irrigation only.

The JP-200-Elite comes with Power Handle, three JETPIK Nozzles, 10 Floss Cartridges, two Power Toothbrushes, a Water Tube & Clip, a Water Reservoir Cup, Tongue Cleaner, Travel Kit Case, Charger Base and USB/AC Adapter.  JETPIK is based in Los Angeles, California in the United States.