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Because brushing alone is not enough....


On its own brushing doesn’t effectively remove all food debris and dental plaque from between your teeth and below the gum line. JETPIK is unique in that it pulses at a rate of 20 cycles per second, sending a jet of water, air bubbles and floss string onto the tooth surface and interdentally. Because the floss string touches the surface of your tooth, it is twice as effective in removing food debris and plaque. The “go with water” design means that the floss string moves in all directions getting around, between and behind braces. Even your dental implants and crowns. The facts* Laboratory tests show that over a period of up to 14 seconds on high-pressure, JETPIK Smart Floss was more than twice as effective at removing plaque biofilm from human teeth than the current leading water irrigator.

*See the full report here.

Jetpik Effectiveness Study