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About Us

About JetpikJETPIK
 is a proud pioneer in the development and manufacturing of the highest quality and most innovative oral healthcare products on the market.  

Our mission: 
to push the boundaries of daily oral care and improve quality of life through innovation.

At JETPIK, we understand that the future of dental hygiene is one of convenience and efficiency. Thus, we've revolutionized the traditional water irrigator system by combining it with our patented state-of-the-art pulsating dental floss.  The proven benefits of pulsed water irrigation along with the mechanical scrubbing and cleaning action of dental floss allows JETPIK to be clinically proven to be twice as effective as all leading competitors.



JETPIK CEO and inventor Henry Hu explains, “A regular water-jet irrigator does a good job of flushing food debris from between teeth. However, there is very little friction created which is necessary to more thoroughly scrub tooth surfaces and reach below the gum line. Our concept was to include actual dental floss that also pulses within the water-jet stream. A regular water-jet irrigator is like an automatic car wash spraying only water. We’ve added the mechanical scrubbing action of dental floss, which is akin to the big brushes that scrub your car clean.”

JETPIK is based in Los Angeles, California and holds its manufacturing operations in Shanghai, China making JETPIK a truly international enterprise. JETPIK also has a R&D team based in the USA that works around the clock to meet customer needs globally in terms of product function and appearance.

JETPIK has partnerships in multiple locations around the world including Brazil, Europe, Australia, Canada, Ukraine, and China.  Please view our International Partners tab for further details.